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  1. Learn To Hack(1)
  2. Learn To Hack(2)
  3. Making Codes With Floats - Murderface
  4. Murderface's DMA Kiling Guide
  5. Making Rapid Fire ~ My Way
  6. How to Find Hooks
  7. Using nitepr's find exact value feature
  8. Making text mods in nitepr
  9. Easy rapid fire guide for most games
  10. A .HOG File Opener?
  11. Damage hack help
  12. Unbrick a Full/semi brick
  13. How to change text
  14. Darth Bane's Guide For making INF. ammo, Health, 1shot
  15. finding coords
  16. How to search weapons and edit them!!!!!!
  17. How to properly disable and enable codes without freezing!
  18. joker buttons
  19. Accuracy Hack for SFCO & SFLS
  20. Gun-Mix Hack for MPO (MGS PO)
  21. inf health
  22. rapid fire