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    first you should download every files or tools that needed,

    a. Dingleberry (Jailbreak software to root your device)
    b. Playbook Update Server | Mirror1 & Fiddler2 (It’s a tools for downgrading/upgrade Using Local Files)
    c. DDPB Installer 1.0.8 (sideload install .bar application to your device)
    d. WInSCP & PuttyGen (Access Root from your Device)
    e. Blackberry Desktop Manager 7 Beta (An Update link - Redeem Code N7XjITli9 to download | opensourcebb.com)
    f. Blackberry Playbook OS , if you want lo local updating OS
    g. gApps (signed google apps)
    h. Launcher .bar Files like Honeycomb ; Ice Cream Sandwich ; ADW or whatever it is.
    i. Screenshoot Tutorial to make it easier

    After finishing your downloads files, Let’s get the party Started!!
    1. Pray First better luck we got! J
    2. Install Blackberry Desktop Manager 7 Beta, Fiddler2, WinSCP to your computer, then extract Dingleberry and Playbook Update Server to the place that would be easy to find.

    3. Downgrading from OS or Update from to OS that jailbreakble (you can go straight update or downgrade from your recent OS as long as you put your download OS on Playbook_update_server/HTTP_ROOT/playbook/YOUR OS NAME)
    Extract OS that was downloaded to: “Playbook_update_server/HTTP_ROOT/playbook/”
    Run “go.bat” from Playbook_update_server folder, it would open Micro Apache web server automatically. Don’t close it!
    Run “Fiddler 2” go to Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPS. check “Capture HTTPS CONNECTs” and “Decrypt HTTPS traffic” then hit OK button.
    Go to “Tools > HOSTS”. And check “Enable remapping of request…” input “ cs.websl.blackberry.com” and "Save".
    Open Blackberry Desktop Manager go to “Device > Update > View Other Version”, it will show you the OS that available. Just check the and install.
    Light up a cigarette or made a coffee while waiting for installation progress until it complete.
    PS : Just click yes on every pop-up windows that warn you about certificate from this downgrading process, Run Go.bat as administrator and deactivate your firewall. You'll not see the available update OS unless you put extracted OS to Playbook_update_server/HTTP_ROOT/playbook/YOUR OS NAME) and don’t Wipe your device after it finish. | Thanks to cybrmage for this step

    4. Let’s Jailbreak Your Playbook using Dingleberry
    Connect your Playbook to your computer. Make a backup file first with Blackberry Desktop Manager 7 BETA, it will be used on jailbreaking process. Make sure your playbook running on Use Development Mode ON, File Sharing ON, Wi-Fi Sharing ON (go to playbook settings to check it, make “playbook” as your device password, you can change it later).
    Go to your Dingleberry Extracted folder, then run “dingleberry.exe”
    Hit button "Continue > Continue > Jailbreak"
    Next page browse the backup file location that we made before. And dingleberry will automatically making a patch for us as “dingleberry.bbb”
    Go To Blackberry Desktop Manager, and restore using “dingleberry.bbb” until restore complete and your device will be restart, disconnect it ASAP from the computer.
    After restart complete make your playbook to Development Mode ON again, and connect it to your computer.
    Go to Dingleberry Window, Hit “Dingle SSH”, then “Connect” button.
    The command prompt window will pop-up. If you do the right steps, it will show the “#”symbol . and its DONE for jailbreaking!

    ( If not the message will be: ”Jailbreak Failed, /tmp/setuidgid: cannot be located, and end with '$' symbol.”
    if you got that msg don’t worry, I’m keep trying again and again for about 5 days until it success. My tips: Forget Device on BBDM, if it not working start jailbreaking with dingleberry from the beginning [4a-4f], if you still had the same problem just start it again from installation OS and jailbreak again [1-4]. It won’t take along time, coz we install it from a local copy. Goodluck!)

    5. Accessing ROOT from your device.
    Don’t close Dingleberry and command prompt with “#” symbol that dingleberry made.
    Open “PuttyGen.exe”, press “Load” button, choose All Files *.* on extension file, navigate to “rsa” file (not rsa.pub) from dingleberry extracted folder. Press “OK” on next pop-up window, then press “Save Private Key” and name it “playbook.ppk”.
    Open winSCP, here is the settings
    - Host name : “”
    - User name: “devuser”
    - Password:leave it blank
    - on private key file browse to your “playbook.ppk” that we made using PuttyGen before.
    - File Protocol change to “SCP”
    - Check the advanced Option checkbox, go to left bar and click “SCP/Shell”
    - Input : “/tmp/setuidgid root /bin/sh” on shell,
    - uncheck “lookup user groups”.
    - Press Login.
    (Watch from Screenshoot Tutorial, If you done right you will now entering and got full Root access from you playbook).

    6. Installing Android on your Playbook (by continuing winSCP steps before)
    Navigate the left side on “gApps” extracted folder, on the right side navigate to "/ <root>", Then drag “META-INF” and “system” from gApps (left side) to root (right side). Replace all
    on the right side navigate to “system/app/setupwizard.apk”, press right click on your mouse and delete or just press F8 on your keyboard.
    Open DDPBinstaller program. Follow this steps: "Scan device > Enter Your Password > Connect".After you’re connected add your “Honeycomb_Launcher_Rebuild.bar” then install. Now you have “HCL Updater” installed on your playbook. Open it and then close it!
    Back to WinSCP, go to ”/apps/sys.android.xxxx.ns/native/scripts” folder (xxxx= a unique combination words and numbers).
    Right click on “android-player-cmd.sh”, then “Custom Command > Execute”
    Redoing right click on “kill-android-core.sh”, then "Custom Command > execute”
    Restart your playbook and DONE! Now you have activated android system on your playbook.

    Now Give me Rep
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