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    Default New Chatbox! (Guide)

    As you all can see, we have a new chatbox. It's mostly the same with a few different changes.

    To send a message, simply type it in the large white box on the left and either press enter or click the "Shout" button. Each shout has a maximum of 350 characters.

    A private message can be sent one of two ways. You can either 1) Click on the person's username in the chatbox, and click the "Send private message" option, or click the link to the right of the Shout button and enter their username in the box that pops up.
    Some bbcode is enabled in the chatbox, such as [b], [i] and [url] (Rules about links are in effect in the chatbox.)

    Messages can be edited by double clicking on the timestamp of your message.

    A menu with the different commands that you can use can be accessed by clicking on the arrow to the left of the Shout button. You can also simply enter the command, that works perfectly fine too.
    *Please do not use the /me command to pretend you're banning someone or otherwise pretending to have moderator abilities in the chatbox. I will ban you if it happens.*

    That's about it, please follow all site and chatbox rules, and if you have any questions, ask here or ask a staff member.
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