#DMA Offset Finder
;credit Emu
;Results will be at 0x00002000
;Use this when you manually defeat DMA
0x017FFFFC  0x0A200400 ;Insert Hook
0x00001000  0x3c080880  
0x00001004  0x3c090000 ;Insert Upper Pointer
0x00001008  0x21290000 ;Insert Lower Pointer
0x0000100c  0xad090700  
0x00001010  0x3c0a0000 ;Instert Upper original code
0x00001014  0x214a0000 ;Instert Lower original code
0x00001018  0xad0a0704  
0x0000101c  0x012a5822  
0x00001020  0xad0b2000  
0x00001024  0x03e00008
I made this because I like manual DMA hunting so I didn't feel like using pc just to subtract..

Its really simple mips

this is True form of MIPS
j jumptrue
lui $t0, 0x0880
lui $t1, 0000 #Upper pointer
addi $t1, $t1, 0000 #Lower pointer
sw $t1, 0x0700($t0)
lui $t2, 0000 #Upper code
addi $t2, $t2, 0000 #lower code
sw $t2, 0x0704($t0)
sub $t3, $t1, $t2
sw $t3, 0x1000($t0)
jr $ra
this is the MIPS most of you guys know.

j $08801000
lui t0, $0880
lui t1, $0000
addi t1, t1, $0000
sw t1, $0700(t0)
lui t2, $0000
addi t2, t2, $0000
sw t2, $0704(t0)
sub t3, t1, t2
sw t3, $1000(t0)
jr ra
I coded this stuff in MIPS true form.